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21 May 2014 @ 08:58 pm
Everything but you  
Love is the accumulation of the lil' nicknacks from our everyday lives. Love creeps up on you in ways that you can't even imagine; it's in the jokes you laugh at together, in the secret smiles you exchange over ice-cream, in the quiet walks you take together, in the heartfelt conversations you have at the oddest of places, in the lighthearted teasing on Saturday afternoons, in the things you both love. Love is wondering just how you could feel this way towards someone so far removed from the person you thought would be your "Prince Charming" when you were four and then realizing at the worst possible moment that he is everything you want right now and would want 60 years from now.

Love is understanding that what you feel for him is not what they show in the movies; it's not just fireworks and butterflies and nervousness and passion, it's a plethora of different emotions that grow in different ways everyday. It's realizing that love in itself is a sprinkle of friendship, a touch of companionship, a cup full of faith, a teaspoon of romance, a bagful of trust, a bowl full of attraction, a handful of passion and a boat full of chemistry.

Love is being afraid of facing yourself in the mirror and at night because you don't understand why you feel what you feel. Love is the confusion and frustration and anger and heartache.

Love is him, and also you.
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