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06 April 2014 @ 01:35 am
"You're the secret I buried;
A burden I didn't want to keep.
It wasn't intentionally carried
Though it still ran deep"

I will look afar to the future that lies ahead, with only God and Medicine in mind. Perhaps I'm not meant for love, simply because I bear too many burdens that ground me and trap me. That yearning to find love has finally drained the last of its dregs away so that right now, all that I wish to do is be a better me. So instead of planning for the future like I've always had, I'll learn to truly appreciate the present like I should have from the start. You helped me to open my heart and soul to the riches of friendship and beauty and laughter and so I will try my best to help you to find that epic love you so very desire.

Side note- I've been sleeping the whole day and I STILL feel exhausted WHAT IS THIS SORCERY >(
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Current Music: I Look To You, Glee Cover